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Diploma in Airline Services



 About Crescendo's Diploma in Airline Services
[MOE Approval Code: (N/840/4/0031)(05/21)(MQA/FA7012) ]
This programme is specifically designed for those who wish to build a successful career in the airline service industry (or in any service-related industry in general). It is the first diploma in airline services in Malaysia and is tailored to bridge the gap between academic learning and the vocational skills urgently required by the current industry. Students of the programme will be rigorously trained to achieve a level of professionalism in cabin crewing that is on par with international standards. 

Course Highlights
A Practical-oriented Programme Students are taught on textbook theories and given a hands-on training on how to put those theories to practice so they would know exactly how to apply them in the real situations. Essential soft skills such as interpersonal, leadership, communication, and adaptability as a cabin crew professional are also incorporated into the training. 

Multilingual Communication Skills - We believe that the ability to communicate effectively with clients in various languages has become a necessity in this era of globalization. Our students are taught to be proficient in several international languages like Korean, Japanese, Mandarin and English, so they would have a competitive edge to stand out from the crowd.

The Highest Standards of Customer Service - Cabin crews are considered one of the elites in the service industry. Their ability to provide good services that keep their passengers safe, comfortable, happy are always expected of them wherever they go. Students of our programme are trained to adopt the highest standards of practice that would make them valuable to a wide range of service related careers.

A Foretaste of The Cabin Crewing Experience - Aviation knowledge and cabin crewing experience are not only imparted to students in the classroom, they are also integrated into their daily routines. Students are required to wear their uniform and practice full grooming on their daily basis, conduct practical aviation services, and obey rules and regulations set by their own aviation industry for cabin crews.

F.E.S.T.S Activities for a Fun Life in College - Our carefully designed F.E.S.T.S (Field Trip, Event, Society and Clubs, Training and Support) programme provides students with a balanced mix of academic and co-curricular activities that widens their perspective, enriches their life-experience, and exposes them to the various trainings provided by top airline companies.

General Pathway

Prospective Careers
Flight Attendant | Airline Service Crew | Airport Service Crew | Cruise Service Crew | Hotel Service Crew | Customer Service Crew and more.

Crescendo’s Diploma in Airline Services programme is structured according to the needs of the Aviation Industry

Airline Services Knowledge
1. Professional Grooming & Etiquette
2. Introduction to the Airline Industry
3. Customer Service
4. Airport Operation
5. Crew Rules & Responsibilities
6. Cabin Crew Training
7. Advance Crew Training
8. In-Flight Service and Catering
9. Case Studies in Major Airport and Airlines
10. Safety and Emergency Procedure
11. Passenger Ground Handling
Language (English):
12. Intensive English Grammar
13. English for Airline Service
14. Academic English
15. English for Successful Interview 

Language (Japanese/Chinese/Korean): 
16. [Language] for Beginners 
17. [Language] Culture and Communication 
18. [Language] for Service Industry  
Mata Pelajaran Umum (MPU)
19. Pengajian Malaysia (U1)
20. Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi (U1)
21. Communication Skills (U2)
22. Comparative Religion (U3)
23. Teamwork-Cohesion Development (U4)
24. Bahasa Kebangsaan
1. Life Saving Skills
2. Personal Development Skills
3. Aural and Oral Skills 
Industrial Training (4-6 Months)

Intakes: April | September

Entry Requirement
Passes SPM with 3 credits & a pass in English OR
Passes UEC with 3B's & a pass in English OR
High School Certificate (for International Students) 

Other Requirement
Minimum Height Male: 170cm | Female: 158cm (or arm-reach 212 cm) 
Physically fit | NO visible tattoos and scars
Passes Interview Session* [Important: Candidates are required to confirm their date of interview by contacting the Airline Services Faculty. All attendees of the interview session must wear business attire & come in full make-up. Original NRIC (ID) & Academic results will be requested.] 

PTPTN study loan application periods
April Intake: (1) 1st-30th March & (2) 1st-30th April
September Intake: (1) 1st-30th August & (2) 1st-30th September

Merit Scholarship (For SPM | IGCSE students)

Admission Contact (Malaysia & International Students)
Email :
Phone : (+60)7 8610876
Korean Admin : +82(0)70 - 86230707
Japanese Admin: +81(0)50-5241-3918
DAS Website :
DAS College Life Website :

This 2.5-year diploma programme aims to supply the aviation industry with well-trained cabin crews who are knowledgeable, highly skilled and professional in their conduct. We want our next generation of cabin crews to be comprehensively prepped with a good blend of theory and hands on training taught by real practitioners of the craft so they would be able to fit the exact needs of the current aviation industry. 
Adzrul Eezad Ramlee
Head of Programme
Diploma in Airline Services

DAS Indoor & Outdoor Activities 

One of our F.E.S.T.S. activities: A study trip to Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Life-saving Skills: CPR Training.

On campus airline cabin mock-up: for hands on practice on how to deliver good inflight customer experience.

A drill on emergency evacuation and water survival skills.

Professional Grooming & Etiquette 

Inflight Safety Demonstration

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