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Diploma in Computer Science


About Crescendo's Diploma in Computer Science  
[MOE Approval Code: (N/481/4/0739)(01/21)(MQA/FA7189) ]
This Computer Science diploma programme is designed to lay a strong foundation in computing skills on those wishing to become a Programmer and Software Engineer in the future. Here, you will learn how to use some of the most popular programming languages to write codes for smart watches, robots, mobile app games, websites with e-commerce components, etc. 

Course Highlights
Fast-track - The programme can be completed in just 2 years and 4 months, enabling you to pursue your degree studies or start a fruitful career in the IT industry sooner than everyone else.

Practical & Skill-driven - At the core, the programme emphasises the infusion of the latest methods, knowledge and skills that are relevant and practical, in-line with the current industrial practice. 

4-month Industrial Training - The incorporation of Industrial training serves as an integral part of this programme as it prepares students for a professional career by exposing them to the appropriate skills, work ethics, and the understanding of what the industry really needs.

Taught by Expert Lecturers - Crescendo school of computing is headed by one of Southeast Asia's leading experts on Artificial Intelligence (AI), together with a circle of professional lecturers - in programming, website designs, robotics, IT security, e-commerce etc - where students can tap into their rich experience of real life computing applications. 

Better Employment Opportunities - Graduates of Computer Science in general are in constant demand in today's IT dependent industries, thus receiving better employment offers that comes with an exciting and satisfying career prospect

Job Placement Scheme - Graduates of Crescendo International College's Diploma in Computer Science programme who qualified for this scheme are currently enjoying an attractive starting salary of RM3,000 and above

General Pathway 
At the end of the of the programme, you can choose to work in a specific computing industry of your interest, OR gain entry into a computing degree programme locally or abroad.  

Pathway Programme with Overseas Partner Universities (UKC & NCI) 

UKC: University of Kent (UK), NCI- National College of Ireland (Dublin)

Your Diploma in Computer Science Lecturers

Prof. Dr. Ng Geok See, Senior Member, IEEE
Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University
MASc in Electrical Engineering, University of Waterloo
BA in Mathematics, University of Waterloo
Professor Ng is one of Southeast Asia's leading AI researchers. He has taught in renowned universities such as the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the National University of Singapore (NUS). Apart from having over 30 years of teaching experience, he also provides advisory services to key players in the Asean IT industry. Students of this programme can potentially benefit in many ways by tapping into Professor Ng's vast practical experiences.

Simon Loh Khang Ling
Master’s Degree in Education, Open University Malaysia
Bachelor of Computer Science / Information Technology, UKM
He was formerly a programmer and software engineer for the Atosorigin company at Singapore in the early 2000s. Simon was acknowledged not only as a lecturer, but for his leadership skills. With more than 5 years of hands-on experience being a team leader, project manager and product trainer at many international companies such as Prudential Asia Pacific and Worldline Asia Pacific, he brings this wealth of knowledge and practical experiences to the Computer Science Faculty.

Azizah Robani
Master in Education (Education Technology), UTM
Bachelor of Science Computer, UTM
Azizah was formerly a lecturer for academic institutions like Open University Malaysia, Cosmopoint Technology College and KTC Academy. She currently lectures IT in the Computer Science Faculty and is also the Programme Coordinator. Being multilingual, she brings a balanced language delivery in the conduct of her lessons, both in the classroom and out.

Siti Zarizza Bajuri
Master of Science in Applied Mathematics, UiTM
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Mathematics, UiTM
Zarizza started her teaching career back in year 2015 as a Calculus lecturer for UiTM (Universiti Teknologi MARA) in Selangor. Her passion for Mathematics grew fonder as she journeys further as an educator at several local academic institutions. Zarizza now lectures Mathematics at Crescendo and she is well appraised for her friendly demeanour towards her students. 

Nurhidayah Aripin
Master of Science (Information Technology Entrepreneurship), UTM
Bachelor of Computer Science (Network & Computer Security), UTM
After Hidayah obtained her Master’s degree, she lectured at few academic institutions like MCS College and ‘Skop Inovatif’ Tuition Centre. She specializes in Computer Security, one of the more popular IT subject by cyber generation standards. While currently pursuing her PhD in Information Technology, she brings her lecturing experience to Crescendo's Computer Science Faculty.


Steven Choo
Master of Information Technology, Monash University
Master of Accountancy, Charles Stuart University
Bachelor of Business Administration, National University of Singapore
Special Diploma in IT Security, Nanyang Polytechnic
Steven started his academic career since 2001. His growth developed throughout the years in several academic institutes in Singapore such as James Cook University (Singapore Campus), Temasek Polytechnics and other Singapore Private Education Institutes like AEC College, CITECH (Chartered Institute of Technology) and CIMNET (Chartered Institute of Marketing, NET). Steven has accumulated vast experience in teaching subjects from business to IT. He is well acknowledged for his patience and encouragement to guide his students towards success.

Asokan Velayuthan
B. Edu (Hons - TESL) First Class, University of Nottingham
Asokan is well appraised for his passion and enthusiasm when it comes to teaching the English language. He started his teaching career since the 80s at local academic institutions like ILP Pasir Gudang as well as several local high schools in Malaysia. Asokan is also a good listener to students who have difficulty in learning the language and he endeavors to help them by explaining the fundamentals to them. He compliments the Computer Science by grooming the students with better English.

Prospective Careers
Computer scientists are needed in nearly every industry, playing increasingly significant roles with a generally above-average starting salary that rises with experience. Listed here are some of the jobs  or roles that computer scientists play: Software application developer | Computer systems analyst | Software systems developer | Computer network architect | Network systems administrator | Database administrator | Web developer | Information security analyst | Computer programmer | Computer & Information Systems Supervisor 

1. Malaysian Studies 2 (U1)
2. Information Technology & Applications
3. Computer Programming
4. Algebra & Calculus
5. Computer Systems
6. Community Service (U4)
7. Thinking Skills (U2)
8. Computer Organisations
9. Systems Analysis & Design
10. Discrete Mathematics
11. Object-Oriented Programming
12. English 1
13. Website Design
14. Data Structure & Algorithm
15. English 2
16. Electronic Commerce 

17. Operating Systems  
18. Networking Infrastructure
19. Human Computer Interaction
20. Database Design & Development 
21. Employability & Professional Development 
22. Programming in Java / Web Applications Development
23. IT Security & Management / Programming in .NET
24. Introduction to Comparative Religion (U3)
25. Internet of Things
26. Digital Entrepreneurship
27. Data Science
28. Cyber Security
29. Computer Graphic
30. Computing Project 
31. Practical Training (4 Months)

IntakesJan | April | Sept   

Entry requirement
Passes SPM with 3 credits (incl. Maths & a pass in English) OR 
Passes UEC with 3B's (incl. Maths & a pass in English) 
* Note: Subjects must be different or "non-overlapping" and are acceptable to the University of London.

PTPTN study loan application periods
January Intake: (1) 1st-30th December & (2) 1st-30th January 
April Intake: (1) 1st-30th March & (2) 1st-30th April 
September Intake: (1) 1st-30th August & (2) 1st-30th September  

Merit Scholarship (For SPM | IGCSE | UEC students)

Computer programmes are present in almost every aspect of our lives. Today's Digital Age needs Computer Scientists to design and develop software and hardware to enhance our daily lives.   
Prof. Dr. Ng Geok See  
Dean of the School of Computing
[One of Southeast Asia's Leading AI Researchers] 

Experience shared
by Crescendo students:

My dream is to become a world-class app creator. At Crescendo, I get to learn from some of the best computing experts in the region. There’s less demand on rote learning, and more focus on being able to generate practical solutions to real-life problems. 
Chen Ting Wei
DCS Best Student (2018)

My classmates are passionate about what they learn; the class is fun and lively. We discuss and argue on how to solve real problems. We can’t wait to test out each new skills we learned from every lesson.
Low Zi Yu  

A true programmer’s dream - learning the right coding skills and techniques used by specialists in the industry. This programme is not only the best choice for me in my neighbourhood. It’s also the best choice for me to survive and thrive in the future digital economy.
Sim Wei Shan  

I’m inspired by the lifestyle and freedom enjoyed by world-class professional programmers. Here, I get to learn all the skills I need to move closer toward achieving the dream.
Adam Lim Weng Keane  


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